Traditional Bread Wrapped in Paper

French Artisan Sourdough Microbakery

We follow ancestral methods by milling daily locally sourced biodynamic wheat and rye grains.
All dough is hand mixed and hand shaped to make our delicious slow fermented sourdough loaves and baguettes.

Only 3 ingredients: flour, water and salt, 
Vegan, no additives, no preservatives, no sugar.


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Pickup & Delivery

  • Pickup available in Carlton and Fitzroy.

  • Delivery is 100% carbon free (bicycle only) contactless in: Fitzroy, Fitzroy North, Carlton, Carlton North, Parkville, Collingwood. For other locations, please enquire here.

Fresh Bread
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This is how we do it


Hover the photo to see the sourdough bread making ingredients and recipe revealed.



Organic stoneground baker's flour


Sea salt


Organic stonegroundwholegrain flour

77 - 85%


Baker's %


Pretty succulents


Sourdough starter

Made in Australa from 100% Australian ingredients
Made in Australa from 100% Australian ingredients



What our customers say


Fitzroy 3065


Carlton 3053

Rosie & Rob,

Fitzroy 3065

Sarah & Emilie,

Port Melbourne 3207

Beautifully handcrafted bread made with only organic ingredients. So pleased to have a local product made with so much love and dedication.

Delicious homemade bread! I Knead You Tonight offers a large range of bread loaves with different flours and beautiful designs. Can’t wait to try them all!

Each lunchtime, Rob and I agree on how delicious your bread is, and we marvel at the time you take to make it so entertaining, thoughtful and beautiful too. Thank you!

Bread made the traditional way, truly delicious and also beautiful. My son was so happy to eat bread that had his name on it. Highly recommend. It is what bread should taste like.