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Meet The Team: Team Members

Meet the team


Wheat or Wheatout you

Wheat sourdough fire starter (fast fermentation, well he thinks so). Doesn't want to be called culture nor levain.


Jeff Buckwheat

Sourdough starter/ Levain au Sarrasin (he wants to sound French because he works in a bakery, good on him). He's gluten free and he's got a cute smile and a great voice like his papa Tim.

Previous staff members include Wheatney Houston and Rice Withaspoon.


Martine Tongourian

Baker/owner/sourdough starter babysitter/dough massage therapist.


Ryean Gosling and Ryean Reynolds

Rye sourdough starter bromance.

RG is happy to be called culture because he is a clever cookie.

RR is happy to be called whatever. He is a good little helper with jokes and loves a good prank.

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