Meet the team


Wheat or Wheatout you

Wheat sourdough fire starter (fast fermentation, well he thinks so). Doesn't want to be called culture nor levain.


Jeff Buckwheat

Sourdough starter/ Levain au Sarrasin (he wants to sound French because he works in a bakery, good on him). He's gluten free and he's got a cute smile and a great voice like his papa Tim.

Previous staff members include Wheatney Houston and Rice Withaspoon.


Martine Tongourian

Baker/owner/sourdough starter babysitter/dough massage therapist.


Ryean Gosling and Ryean Reynolds

Rye sourdough starter bromance.

RG is happy to be called culture because he is a clever cookie.

RR is happy to be called whatever. He is a good little helper with jokes and loves a good prank.