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About Us

Who We Are, What We Do And How We Do It

This is how we do it

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I Knead You Tonight is a one woman band with a lot of starters (Meet the team here) who happily makes sourdough bread night and day. This is how we do it.


Our ingredients are local and organic

- We use Australian organic ingredients from Mother Earth in order to minimise carbon emissions and preserve freshness of the grains and flour.

- Home freshly stoneground milled rye flour is used to grow sourdough cultures.

We follow a French ancestral tradition

It is a 4 ingredients recipe:

- Flour

- Water

- Sea salt

- Lots of love (and a bit of muscle too)

Our ingredients are hand mixed (no metallic machine that heats the dough), they don't require aggressive kneading, just a long and slow fermentation. Then the dough is hand shaped and refrigerated overnight for cold proofing to retard the process, improve digestibility (inhibition of phytic acid, gluten pre-digestion) and develop a deep and complex sour taste.

No additives, no yeast, no dairy, no added sugar, no added fat. All our products are vegan and contain no trace of tree nut. All breads contain gluten. Gluten-free starter are sold on the menu. For gluten-free bread requests, please contact us.

Sustainability is our number one priority

- We use grains grown locally that have a regenerative effect on the soil they grow in

- All our packaging is compostable and leaves no trace on our beautiful planet

- We love carbs but we don't like carbon emissions. Deliveries are performed on a 100% carbon free non-electrical bicycle.

Hover the photo to see the sourdough making ingredients appear (on desktop only).

This Is How We Do It


Organic stoneground baker's flour


Sea salt


Organic stonegroundwholegrain flour

77 - 85%


Baker's %


Pretty succulents


Sourdough starter

Made in Australa from 100% Australian ingredients
Made in Australa from 100% Australian ingredients



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