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Sourdough starter


Sourdough starter

  • 12 month old sourdough starter.

    Rye and wheat contain gluten.

    Buckwheat is gluten-free. 

    No trace of tree nut.

  • Do not bring your sourdough starter to over 50 degrees celsius, the natural bacteria won't survive. Cold is ok. It will just slow down fermentation but will preserve the culture.

    Always use unbleached organic flour and filtered or fresh water from the tap that has been aerated to let chlorine evaporate.

    If you don't use your starter for a few days, it should be stored in the frigde. Otherwise feed it at a 1:1:1 ratio (same amount of old starter, flour and water) to maintain it on a daily basis. 

    When you want to bake sourdourgh bread, feed it accordingly to your recipe. It might need  a couple of feeds before it's ready for bread making. Patience is key with sourdough and don't forget, you can't hurry love!

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